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Tsubasa Rumor Mill (197)

Chapitre 197
Two lives

Defeated by Fei Wang and against transdimensional movement, alive through circumstances that could be called miraculous, the young Shaoran drifts to Yuuko's place. Going as far as bending his belief that if he has a wish he'll grant it himself, he asks Yuuko to send him back to Clow-koku, so that he won't let Sakura die. Of course, he doesn't intend to die either. Maybe he won't be able to go back to the dimension he was. Meaning, the condition is that it's a one-way ticket. (T/N: Missing verb at the end of the sentence. It's probably something like "he has to accept".)

How lovely, now Tsubasa joined in the more-breaks-than-chapters schedule (on break for two weeks after this chapter). And considering Holic 14 won't come out before 2009, I don't think we'll get more Holic as compensation.

... So, did Shaoran have his very own mini-dimension-hopping-adventure before the rewind? It'd be really awesome if we found out he actually met people his other self met in the first half (two thirds?) of the story. Since he implied that he spent a lot of time with Sakura, we can assume he eventually made it to Clow-koku, but still, it'd be cool.

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That kinda confused me there. "^^

Anyway, thanks for the spoilers and DAMMIT CLAMP. :/

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thanks for the translation :)

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From what yoy say here ("So, did Shaoran have his very own mini-dimension-hopping-adventure before the rewind?"), I take that, where the spoilers go by "Maybe he won't be able to go back to the dimension he was", you interpreted it as in "Maybe he won't be able to go back to Clow-koku"?
I'm just asking this because I had a different impression from those words. What Yuuko really could mean is maybe that he won't be able to go back to his original dimension, and consequently, he won't be able to see his parents (Li Syaoran and Sakura Kinomoto) anymore...
Of course, the time when he will go back to Yuuko's after breaking free of Fei Wang's grasp does not count, because the shop is in another dimension, as stated in other chapters.
Bu maybe it's just me and my crazy mind ^^ Only, that "one-way ticket" was what suggested this other scenario to me.

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Hmmm, you could be right. One of the words used means "original" in most spellings, with an alternate meaning of "former" in the most common one (the text has it in hiragana <>).

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Thanks for the translation~ ^^

So, young shaoran should of die if is not under such "coincidence" in which he was transported back to CCS World!?
>> Maybe he won't be able to go back to the dimension he was. Meaning, the condition is that it's a one-way ticket.
Hm... I think it mean that he is ALLOW to send back to Clow-Koku BUT it is a one-way ticket meaning his payment would be "staying at Clow-Koku and not able to return to his parents side/CCS world till possibly forever."

I wish young shaoran would go home "first" to say farewell to his parents [*cough* I just want to see Syaoran-papa and Sakura-mama XD] *SIGH* though in such emergency situation, I doubt that he has the leisure to go home and then go back to Yuuko's shop ;___;

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yeah... I'm lost... o_o'

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thanks for the spoilers!!
i only hope they soon goes back to the main hitory i'm tired of this

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This is the main story, though. What I really want right now is some sort of explanation about Watanuki already.

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i mean the present!
but i think when xio jr goes back there was no watanuki there only to anger us!!!

i want to know that too already, but i loose my hope when this lady filler (teach me to cook)comes in... *sigh*

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And now I'm getting ready to go back to NYC to do the Today show with Renee and Jim and talk about the autism storyline.

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Thanks!!!! I want to read the chapter!!!

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I just want to read the next book. . . Ive read the 1st chapter and the 1st chapter of Midnight Sun (p.

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Thanks for the translation/spoilers!

I'm confused...this manga definitely confuses me :\
Why is XXXholic coming out in 2009?
To be honest, I like XXXholic better than TRC

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I like Holic better, too. The Holic 14 release date is estimated from the OAD news.

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Thanks for the translation =3
Yeah.. I wonder if he would meet other people before the journey starts.. like Seishirou? *w*
Oh god.. another break?! *A*;;; ...orz

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CLAMP want this finished prior to the 2009 publication of their new shoujo manga? At this rate Tsubasa and xxxHolic will be finished in 2010.

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Posted by: Cagally7 Jan 21 PM I wonder if AX could bring live-action stars from Japan. Like someone from the cast of Hana Yori Dango J-Drama or Joe Odagiri ( SHINOBI Heart Under Blade and Princess Raccoon ).


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