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xxxHolic, chapter 163

Nothing is going right for me today. ¬¬

Chapter 163

-01- (splash: Haruka)

You really have changed.
And, you're going in the right direction---.

The feelings towards Watanuki transmitted by Doumeki's grandfather Haruka.
Before long, the road he continues to progress on meets a large road.
Where will the future that Watanuki moves towards
while resounding with the world and with people lead!?


Side text: A great chat with Doumeki's grandfather Haruka. If asked for "an interesting story", of course that man will show up. ♥

Haruka: Shizuka is that much of a glutton?
Watanuki: His stomach is a four-dimension pocket!

Watanuki: He calmly eats a stack of four bentou boxes,
and despite drinking sake there's no bottom there for sweets either...
Haruka: That's certainly because your cooking is tasty.

Watanuki: Ah, no,
I mean, he's like,
Watanuki: if it's food, then anything is fine.

Haruka: It's not like that.

Haruka: Because that child won't put in his mouth
anything he hasn't agreed with.
Watanuki: Agreed?


Haruka: Of course, I'd often take him along to my favorite shops here and there,
Haruka: so you could say he discerns tasty things, but
that child has since long been a child that won't eat anything he doesn't want to.

Watanuki: You mean his tastes?
Haruka: No.


Haruka: I mean that he doesn't want to put into his mouth anything that he can't agree with.


Watanuki: Agreeing with... eating?

Watanuki: ... Ah.

Watanuki: ... Ah.

Doumeki: Don't sleep in a place like this, idiot.


Watanuki: Who did you call an idiot!?
Watanuki: That's what you do the instant you sit down!?
You won't open that until Himawari-chan arrives!

Watanuki: You're not listening again!
Watanuki (SFX): You don't need ears like these!

Watanuki: Himawari-chan!
Tanpopo: Pi!
Watanuki: What's wrong, why are you standing there?

Himawari: Ah, it was amusing,
so it'd have been a waste for me to go and interrupt.


Watanuki: Himawari-cha~~~n!
Watanuki (SFX): There's nothing amusing about arguing with a guy like this...

Himawari: It's very amusing!
Like an anecdote! (T/N: I'm using "anecdote" here with the meaning of "short comical story". It seemed good enough for コント but if anyone knows a better word please let me know.)
Doumeki (SFX): I like rakugo. (T/N: Rakugo.)

Yuuko: Ahahaha!
I wish I had seen it!
That anecdote.
Watanuki: It's no anecdote!


Mokona: If you do anecdotes with Doumeki then let's do manzai with Mokona! (T/N: Manzai.)
It'll appear in M-1! (T/N: M-1 is a manzai competition that ends around the end of the year. The finals air live on TV Asahi.)
Watanuki: Will not!

Yuuko: Isn't that great?
That Doumeki-kun with his refined tastes wanted to eat that much.

Watanuki: Refined tastes, that?
Yuuko: Even the sake he brings is accurately based on our preferences and cooking.
Like in a gift.

Yuuko: It's proof that he's been eating proper things.


Watanuki: Ah, speaking of that...
Haruka-san said...
Yuuko: Whaat?

Watanuki: That Doumeki won't put into his mouth anything he can't agree with.

Watanuki: At first, I thought it was about his tastes, but...

Yuuko: It's not.


Yuuko: It means that he won't eat
Yuuko: anything but what he can trust.

Watanuki: ... Eh?


Yuuko: Eating is a very precious happiness,
and a very frightening thing.


Watanuki: Er...
According to the map she made, it's around here, but...

Watanuki: Though, of course teaching cooking to a stranger would be...

Watanuki: I don't remember the taste of my own cooking...

Mokona: Take a left over there.

Watanuki: Eh!?


Watanuki: Wah!
When did you...!?

Mokona: So you can't get there even if you look at the map?
If that's so, you're unfit to be Mokona's partner!
Can't be the M-1 champion, now can you?
Watanuki: Who is the partner!?

Mokona: Look! It's gonna get to the time you promised her.
Walk, walk---
Watanuki (SFX): Ah... Really... Why is this thing with me?
Watanuki: By no means go out of the bag!


Watanuki: It's huge!
So this is the big mansion I heard of?

Mokona: Wonder if they have good sake---
Watanuki: You! Don't go stealing sake in other people's houses!


Woman: I thank you very much for coming.
Watanuki: N-n-n-n-no, it's nothing!

Woman: I look forward to working with you today.
Watanuki: O-okay!


Side text: What awaited was an unexpected large mansion. Could Mokona's escort possibly spell terribly dreadful trouble for the inauguration of "Watanuki's Cooking Class"!?

Watanuki: ... Huh?

Bottom text: The discomfort Watanuki feels... What are this woman's true colors!?

Next chapter on September 1st.

Page 2: I never pegged Doumeki as the kind to be a picky eater for whatever reason. Now I'm wondering how much his actual nourishment depends on Watanuki.

Page 6: Oh Himawari... (笑)

Page 11: Scary panel for scary line.

Page 12: Watanuki needs a hug. And lots of treats.

Pages 15-16: What the heck did Watanuki see, anyway?

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Aww, I almost died of 104 overload. <333 This chapter had a lot of subtext. xDD And omg, Himawari was in it! I've missed her. (:
I never really thought of food as something frightening though...

I feel retarded, but the moment I saw the first spoiler for this chapter I was under the impression that this lady was going to try and seduce Watanuki. Lmao. Cooking lessons at her mansion. >_>;

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Yeah, those damn eating idioms (hello~o innuendo), and the コント thing.

I never turn my TV on, so I didn't know about what M-1 actually is. I shall have to make adjustments.

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poor watanuki i hope nothing that bad happens!!
the thing with the hair was strang but i want to know what he saw too!!!

and Doumeki don't eat nothing is not with love so difficult to eat, poor baby

hanks for the translation

(Anonymous) 2008-08-27 08:58 am (UTC)(link)
15-16 - Perhaps it's a spark of someone Watanuki once knew.