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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, chapitre 197

After Holic frustrated me to no end, this chapter was actually quite easy.

Chapitre 197
Two lives

-01- (splash: Fei Wang)

Bewilderment and hesitation both
discarded in the distant past,
in order to obtain
only a single thing.


Shaoran: ... Sa...

Maru: He's wounded badly!
Moro: Badly!

Yuuko: ......


Yuuko: His condition
is that he's alive.

Yuuko: On top of having been hurt in the fight with Fei Wang,
he must've tried to go against dimensional transportation.


Yuuko: By your choice one more future has been decided.

Yuuko: And by the choice after this,
yet one more...


Shaoran: I... have...


Yuuko: returned.

Yuuko: From Clow country.

Shaoran: Sakura...!


Yuuko: If you don't want to die, go to sleep.
Yuuko: I received the payment for your treatment from your father, but
it doesn't cover wounds you get for acting recklessly after returning.

Shaoran: A man
in the water grounds...
Shaoran: carved a seal...
on Sakura...


Shaoran: That's...

Yuuko: a seal of death.

Shaoran: Then... when those black wings have covered
Sakura's body...
Shaoran: she'll really...


Yuuko: ... die.
Yuuko: And,
the payment for erasing that carved seal is too large.

Yuuko: It'd be exchanging for someone's life.

Yuuko: Where are you trying to go?


Shaoran: Back... to...
Clow country.
Yuuko: How would you go back?

Yuuko: You cannot cross dimensions.
Nor can your parents.

Shaoran: If I have a wish, I'll grant it myself!

Shaoran: If I hand you a payment...
will you... grant me a wish?


Yuuko: ... If it's something I can do,

Shaoran: ... I want to be sent back to Clow country.

Yuuko: Why?

Shaoran: I'll
search for
Shaoran: a way to erase Sakura's... that carved seal.


Yuuko: In exchange for your life?

Shaoran: No...
I won't die...

Shaoran: and I won't...
Shaoran: let Sakura, either.

Yuuko: Understood.
Then, about the payment,


Yuuko: I'll send you on a one-way-only trip.

Yuuko: Right now, there is no one in Clow country who can cross dimensions, and no one who sends others across.
Yuuko: In other words, as long as there is there's no other way, you cannot return to your world of origin.

Yuuko: You might not be able to meet again
your father, mother, and the people you love who are in your dimension.


Yuuko: That's the payment.

Yuuko: Even so?


Shaoran: ... I'll go.

Shaoran: I promised...
Shaoran: that I'd protect...


Shaoran: Sakura.


Yuuko: It must've been mortifying

Yuuko: to ask a wish from me.

Yuuko: However,
that mortification will make you stronger.
Yuuko: Because bearing everything by yourself only isn't strength.


Yuuko: You've further chosen
Yuuko: to part with your current happiness and return to Clow country.

Yuuko: And,
you will have to choose again.

Yuuko: Whichever you choose, it'll be a painful future.

Teaser: However much it's cut through,
that is a path of thorns.

Page 1: Fei Wang on the splash! ♥

Page 4: I fail for completely getting the wrong idea about the "against dimensional transportation" part in the spoilers. I had actually thought that it was Fei Wang who did something to the interdimensional space to interfere with travel, but no, it was Shaoran who didn't want to go back.

Page 6: *SHIVER* at the familiar scene. As I said in the cut text, CLAMP needs to stop reusing Holic panels.

Page 8: For some reason Yuuko's line here amused me a lot.

Page 13: I have an impression that Yuuko was about to "gatekeep" Shaoran if he gave the wrong answer here.

Page 18: YAY for picking up old Holic themes!

Page 19: That teaser gives me Sleeping Beauty images. (笑)

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