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Tsubasa Rumor Mill (198)

Poor Holic will follow in a few hours when I have access to the scans again.

Chapitre 198
Invisible seal

The reason why this story was told to Kurogane and Fai was because it is necessary for the next battle. And more than anything, because he wanted the two of them to know.

After his wounds healed, Shaoran immediately went back to Clow-koku. Seven days had passed since the cleansing had ended. Sakura was there, along with that abominable carved seal. The ones who could see it were but two: Sakura's mother and Shaoran.

So, Shaoran wanted them to know, and waited all this time? *facepalm* We wanted to know too, you know.

Poor Fujitaka, he was left out of the loop. Now when are we going to find out why the heck he was exchanged with Clow-ou after the rewind.

Also, Shaoran came and went from Yuuko's shop (twice) and we still don't know how Watanuki fits into the whole thing. Stop leading us around, CLAMP!

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