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xxxHolic, chapter 164

There's nothing like trying to translate a chapter that you should've translated two days ago while people won't shut the hell up about how you should be doing this and that, completely ignoring what a hellish weekend you had. ¬¬

Chapter 164


Client: What is it?

Watanuki: Ah, nothing. I'm sorry.

Watanuki: I was thinking, what a huge house.
Client: That shop was also a lovely building.

Side text: What is the true intention behind the "I want to learn how to cook" wish...!?

Watanuki: Isn't it?
Watanuki (SFX): Though the owner is, well, like that.

Mokona: And Watanuki is friends with that too.


Side text: That trespassing Mokona, what's that!? With Chef Watanuki's trusty recipe, he'll grant that wish for sure!!

Watanuki: Wahhh!

Watanuki: Ah!
Sounds like kids are walking along on the other side of the wall!
Watanuki (SFX): I heard voices from outside--- Ahaha---

Mokona: Mmmph---!

Watanuki: Ah!
From the other side again!
Client: Other side?

Watanuki: Cooking!
Oh, yes! Cooking, right?
Let's cook!!
Client: Yes.
I look forward to it.


Himawari: So?
How did it go, the cooking lesson?
Tanpopo: Pi!

Watanuki: Well, about that,
that person is perfectly capable.
Watanuki: She doesn't wash the rice with detergent or have any awkward points.
She can also use a kitchen knife properly, and her quantity measurings are always right on the mark.
Watanuki: I think she'd be just fine even if I didn't teach her.


Himawari: Oh, I see!
Tanpopo: Pi!

Watanuki: So,
more than teaching cooking, keeping Mokona from stealing food was what was difficult.

Himawari: What did you cook?
Watanuki: I thought we'd start with something not too difficult --

Himawari: Cooked potato rolls...
Watanuki: Yeah.
Himawari: And that's not difficult?
Watanuki: Nope, it's not.


Watanuki: You peel the potatoes, and cut them up in about eight parts,
and wash them with enough water.

Watanuki: Then, put the potatoes in the cooking pot with water enough to cover them, and cook them up to fifteen minutes in medium heat.

Watanuki: Once the potatoes have gotten tender, discard the water,
add sugar and shoyu to the pot with the potatoes and put it on medium heat some more.

Watanuki: While you're shaking the pot, all the flavor sets in and the moisture disappears.
Ah, with stew, after the fire is out the flavor will soak into it so you should leave it for a bit.

Himawari: That's great, Watanuki-kun!

Watanuki: Nah, this is easy.

Himawari: Ah, sorry!
I'm on day duty today so I'm going on ahead.


Himawari: Thank you for the meal!
Watanuki: Ah, no, it wasn't all that.
Himawari: Doumeki-kun, I'm going first.
Doumeki: Okay.

Watanuki: Ah, yeah!
Himawari-chan, you like chiffon cake, right?

Himawari: Yes.
Watanuki: I found a place en route to the house where I give the cooking lessons.

Watanuki: Next time, won't you come with me?


Himawari: ......

Himawari: ... Sure.
Himawari: I look forward to it.

Watanuki: Me too.


Himawari: Doumeki-kun, you're coming with us too, right?
Doumeki: Yeah.

Himawari: Bye!
Watanuki: All right!
See you later!

Watanuki: Seriously!
You really eat well.
Watanuki (SFX): Damn famished kid... Nah, at your age you're not a kid either... Famished student?


Watanuki: Here, eat these too.


Watanuki: Ah?


Watanuki: What's wrong?

Doumeki: ......

Doumeki: Was the one...

Doumeki: who made these
Doumeki: the person who came to request those cooking lessons?


Side text: "I want to learn to cook" should have been just a peaceful wish... The unrest sensed by Doumeki, what kind of enigma could be in this flavor!?

Watanuki: Y-yeah.
Watanuki: Well, it was while I was saying stuff.

Watanuki: The amounts of ingredients and the time are the same as when I make it.
Well, since I didn't know the level of her cooking, it's something of a simplified version, but I think the taste shouldn't change that much.

Watanuki: Did it taste bad?
Doumeki: ... That's not it.

Watanuki: So what is it?
Although you always stop only after eating a lot... (T/N: Sorry, total failure parsing this sentence.)

Bottom text: In the enveloping restless atmosphere, Watanuki will...?!

Phew! Doumeki will go with them to the chiffon cake place, so at least from that one no danger is coming to Watanuki.

Of course I'm curious to see what the heck is up with this client, but more information on the mysteries surrounding Watanuki would be very nice.

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