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Holic Rumor Mill (165)

I'll get around to doing Tsubasa later today, promise.

Chapter 165

Himawari on the cover.

The cooking prepared by the woman with the wish "I want to learn how to cook"... but Doumeki for some reason stopped his chopsticks. In this flavor, what kind of puzzle!?

Watanuki returned to the mansion. Before dinner, once again making the same boiled rolls, he had Yuuko try them. They were tasty as usual. So the cause wasn't the flavor after all.

He talks to Yuuko about Doumeki, and then:
Yuuko: Cooking isn't something you can do just by knowing the recipe.
There should be other things you need.

Watanuki vanishes off to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. Yuuko and Mokona knew that the flavor was inherited by Watanuki from his father. And also that it's something from his distant relative Clow Reed.

Then, the second day of cooking lessons. The deep-fried pumpkin harumaki is prepared without delay. When he asks whether the client is holding back a marriage or something of the sort, and in that case he'd try teaching something the fiancé likes so they'd have his opinion on the flavor...

Client: Because I can't eat the things I made myself...
Watanuki: Eh!?

Watanuki, who can't try out the flavor, and the woman who can't eat her cooking. These two cook together... Is this a coincidence? Or...!?

"Eating is a very frightening thing." Yuuko's words are brought back!! Wait for the next issue!!

... So Watanuki and Shaoran are brothers after all? What the heck is going on here?

Now we know a bit more about why the client came with such a strange wish, but what exactly does she mean by "can't eat"? And haha, I didn't even remember the bit about Watanuki's loss of ability to remember flavors.

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I gave up trying to find what connection Syao+Wata share, it is brain-melting. XD

Thanks for the translation.

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With CLAMP it should not come as a suprise now Ashura if they are indeed brothers.

But still thanks for the spoilers <3

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As much as I'd like to know more about the connection between Watanuki and Syaoran, I find this arc very intriguing. I'm looking forward to find out what's up with the woman; not being able to eat anything you made yourself sounds rather bothersome indeed. Thanks for translating! :)

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thanks for the trans! ^_^
how are things?

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Looks like (mostly) everything will be decided today.

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They are more like cousins ..... o_O Finally something to do with Syao+Wata!! XD

Thanks for the translations

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Thank you for the translation!

New crack-tastic theory:

TRC!"Syaoran" has his father (CCS!Syaoran)'s "body". His father's "soul" is in Watanuki, who has TRC!"Syaoran"'s body. They had a soul switch done on them, maybe to protect TRC!"Syaoran". So CCS!Syaoran paid the price of his memories to protect his son. A soul switch was done between CCS!Sakura and TRC!"Sakura" as well, for the same reason.
That is all. lol

At this point, who knows really? :p

But I seriously do want to do what's up with this "can't taste" "can't eat" thing.

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Deep, huh? :p *not really*

Really though, at this point, it will probably end up being even crazier than that. :)

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heh it's very wtf - but knowing CLAMP we have more weird and wonderful stuff to happen.

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Very crack-tastic!!! But Clamp have already hinted that Syao and Wata are like alternate versions of themselves, or something to that end, in a radio convo somewhere - I'm sure of that!

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i swear everyone's a 'distant' relative to clow. :)

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So, question. The most believable theory I have ever heard about Watanuki is that he's Eriol and Kaho's child, instead of Shaoran and Sakura's. That would explain his age vs. Shaoran's, his visual resemblance to Clow, and his connection to Clow's magic. Is Eriol biologically a distant relative of Clow's, or is his connection to Clow just the reincarnation?

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I think that would depend on the inner workings of the splitting spell. We know from CCS canon that Fujitaka "has no past", which strengthens the possibility that the spell actually created his body. In that case, the same would be true of Eriol, and whether the two are related to Clow depends on how exactly those bodies were created. It makes sense that Clow's genetic material would be used as a basis, and they also look like Clow which in fantasy is even stronger evidence of a biological relationship (even if we don't have a name for it).

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Dumb question... i know fujitaka has come up a lot of times in TRC, but, i don't remember Eriol. Has something been said about him in either stories because i like the whole 'Eriols son' idea, but i thought Eriol would have been mentioned more times if that was the case?

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Thus far, Eriol has been omitted from both stories almost to the point of fishiness. If I had only a little less faith in CLAMP, I'd be calling retcon.

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Clow is related to Everybody Ever, I think. The man gets around. Sheesh.

This arc makes me hungry.

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You thought the same thing that I did! Clow really got around

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so she knew his cook is not right, and is in some point bad for people
about the not taste the food you are cooking it i can't either, but it is because when i was a child mina san came to the kitchen and eat before dinner and i was secretely afraid of the food was all bad... because they always criticize me
i know now is really a foolish thing, but really i can't taste it before serve it properly!!

About Watanuki, i remember Lee sr was very good at cooking, but i'm not sure i'm always think he is the son of Eriol who was very good at cooking himself, so i'm not sure yet!

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I kinda like the idea of Watanuki being Syao/Sakura's son... don't know why but it seems to be my thought of the day. (And pretty much every day my thoughts come to a new conclusion...)

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I was wondering... would two people born in different dimensions have the same soul, even if their genetics were different? For example, Watanuki could be Syaoran Jr. in one dimension and conceived to Syaoran and Sakura at a different time, therefore giving him a different combination of genetics and yet the same soul. HEE HEE. Crazy thought. Don't mind me. *frolics away*

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I knew that they were related :D (not really)

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With CLAMP, you've got to think of the craziest theories. XD Because they like to break your brain.

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except that in recent chapters of trc it is revealed that Syaoran is from that dimension, as he just walked up to yuko's house. Which puts ccs, legal drug, suki and xxxholic all in the same dimension

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I'm ashamed of calling myself a clamp fan now.... What is Suki? *embarrased*

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Ok is ANYONE surprised Watanuki is related to Clow? I think most people guessed that Clamp, now progress the story please.

Possible relations to Clow, assuming he's in the world he was born in:
Syaoran's Son (Syao-jr's brother)
Syaoran's sisters' son (Syao-jr's cousin on Syaoran Sr's side)
Touya's son *cough* (Syao-jr's cousin on Sakura's side)
Eriol's son (Distant relation to Syao-jr)
Other relation, eg other members of the Li family

The trouble is whoever his parents are they're dead. Personally I'm going with Eriol. The mention of Watanuki's father suggests to me that Clow's blood come through his father, Clamp doesn't mention things for no reason, his father is probably not a random, hence I doubt he's Syaoran's sisters' son. Gotta read CCS again and find if Syaoran or Eriol could cook XD

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Ok is ANYONE surprised Watanuki is related to Clow?
Well I sure wasn't. :P I agree, please Clamp get on with the plot, we're getting impatient here!

And Touya wouldn't have fathered any children... well, assuming Clamp isn't into mpreg. Because I think they'd mentioned if Yukito could give birth XDD Personally I think Eriol's the most reasonable theory. Except that with clamp, the most reasonable theory... is often wrong D: they like to keep things vague and annoyingly obscure :P they probably enjoy making their fans' brains explode from trying to figure things out ^____^;;

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Wait, didn't Clamp actually write an mpreg doujin originally? Or is that an incorrect rumor?

Oh Gosh, Touya-Yuki mpreg.... Part of me would be ummm....? and part of me would love Clamp forever and ever.

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They could both cook. They both lived, well not on their own, but they both essentially looked after themselves, so were very good at cooking.

As for Eriol, I agree.. There is a suspicious lack of mention about him (I'd thought he'd keep in touch with the magic world) and also, maybe, if Kaho was the mother, it'd explain the extremely strong psychic powers?

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Oh dear. I think I've gotten lost amongst all the talk about souls and twins and name-taking and switching bodies and clones and how Clow Reed is God in a nutshell and is everyone's family member. xD

I just hope either series don't get too out of hand..

I am curious about this lady, though.

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I think I missed something, bacause when I read "Distant relative Clow" I immediatly thought "what if Watanuki is Asschin's son?"
I'll admit, that's a wacked theory, but does anyone else think it's possible? ...It is Clamp after all...

If he's Eriol's son... that would make him Kaho's too yeah? o_O

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... So Watanuki and Shaoran are brothers after all? What the heck is going on here?

CLAMP are unpredicatble, but they're not idiots. I don't think they'd make it that obvious. If she's comparing Watanuki's father to Clow Reed, then I believe she may be referring to Eriol Hiiragizawa.

As I said before, CLAMP would find many fans angry if it did turn out Sakura and Syaoran are dead, considering all this hype about them being CLAMP's most popular couple...