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Holic Rumor Mill (165)

I'll get around to doing Tsubasa later today, promise.

Chapter 165

Himawari on the cover.

The cooking prepared by the woman with the wish "I want to learn how to cook"... but Doumeki for some reason stopped his chopsticks. In this flavor, what kind of puzzle!?

Watanuki returned to the mansion. Before dinner, once again making the same boiled rolls, he had Yuuko try them. They were tasty as usual. So the cause wasn't the flavor after all.

He talks to Yuuko about Doumeki, and then:
Yuuko: Cooking isn't something you can do just by knowing the recipe.
There should be other things you need.

Watanuki vanishes off to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. Yuuko and Mokona knew that the flavor was inherited by Watanuki from his father. And also that it's something from his distant relative Clow Reed.

Then, the second day of cooking lessons. The deep-fried pumpkin harumaki is prepared without delay. When he asks whether the client is holding back a marriage or something of the sort, and in that case he'd try teaching something the fiancé likes so they'd have his opinion on the flavor...

Client: Because I can't eat the things I made myself...
Watanuki: Eh!?

Watanuki, who can't try out the flavor, and the woman who can't eat her cooking. These two cook together... Is this a coincidence? Or...!?

"Eating is a very frightening thing." Yuuko's words are brought back!! Wait for the next issue!!

... So Watanuki and Shaoran are brothers after all? What the heck is going on here?

Now we know a bit more about why the client came with such a strange wish, but what exactly does she mean by "can't eat"? And haha, I didn't even remember the bit about Watanuki's loss of ability to remember flavors.

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