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Tsubasa Rumor Mill (199)

Bare-san must've been out partying or something.

Chapitre 199
The power to survive (T/N: I'm not sure what is the best way to interpret this. It could also be "the power that survives".)

Almost one year has passed since then. The birthday when the black seal will steal Sakura's life draws near.

Yeah, that's about everything bare-san said. Damn, aren't we getting any details on Shaoran's (fruitless) search for a cure?

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bare-san sounds very enthused about this chapter.

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Well that was...enlightening. XD

Thanks for the translation though.

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...building up the tension for an amazing chapter 200? xD

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............... Bwahahaha we had like eight chapters about seven days, now we'll get to see each year that passes until she's fourteen!

And they will each be full of cryptic stuff and clover crowns 8Db

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Since he stated before he stayed with her until he was the same age as now, does it mean he indeed found a way to destroy the seal on her 8th bday? Or just delay it? But if it was the case, his 'mission' accomplished, shouldn't he have done his best to go back home? He couldn't? What did he do afterward? *headache*
I give up.
But I'm not surprise we got a "xx years later", I was expecting it, but I though it would be a lot more then a single year...

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I think I misunderstood something, those spoilers do not indicate the seal will kill her on her 8thbday, just that it's 'drawing near'.
Still, if there were still 6 years left, I don't think they would have used such an expression, that gives off a feeling of closeness and proximity.

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Yeah, I WTFed a bit about that, as well. The word used for "draw near" does have something of an ominous nuance to it, but we're supposed to still have another 6 years. I wonder if the seal's growth rate decays exponentially or Fei Wang was really bluffing after all.

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I really have no idea, the Time is really fucked up in TRC -___-

To start with, I don't understand why he put a death seal on her, if he needs her alive; but the fact he allows the seal to be seen by little Syaoran might be a hint: was Syaoran's presence there also planned by FWR? The 'solution' Syaoran *might* get his hands on, is it something FWR wanted him to find and 'save' Sakura with? Does it have something to do with the "Dream" and how everything in Clow Country turned into a mess (like Clow Reed appearing and the original King and Queen vanishing in thin air...)?
The ominous thing I felt in chapter 198, were Syaoran's words he told Fye and Kurogane in page06: in his quest to save Sakura, did he actually do something...'bad'?

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For Syaoran's presence, are you saying FWR putting the death seal on Sakura is part of the reason [as his original plan when he first appeared in the water ground], so that he can "have" Syaoran to seek the "solution" for him??

But that would be off though because if Yuuko didn't transport him back "just in time", "Syaoran" would of be killed by FWR already ^^;; and plus, I don't see why in order for FWR to fulfill his wish, he is "putting such a HIGH hope" upon a 7-year-old boy, and that he would be able to FIND a solution on his own to get rid of the seal, thus leading indirectly to find a way to fulfill FWR's wish ><;;

Though as for WHY FWR allow Syaoran to see the seal... my first reaction is "FWR is just evil >< as a constant reminder for Syaoran ALREADY guilt conscious -___-"; but then, I was thinking of FWR curious asking, "... Do you fight for the sake of a wish as well, will the end of your wish and mine become the same?" It is as if, FWR realize there's a common ground between Syaoran and himself and that he is using this common ground [would it be guilt or regret] to justify his own action?? As a way of answering Syaoran's previous question, "Why... Why on Sakura?" But as it is, I don't think "Syaoran's presences" WAS NEEDED in his original plan when he put a death seal on Sakura. Though it may be something that doesn't go according to plan in the future; and somehow, "Syaoran's presence" would THEN be useful [with the whole cloning deal].

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That just lets us know a lot. /sarcasm

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Ratt   February 25th, am ET I'm sure her sarcastic tirade just cost her more votes. It looks to me like it's all over but the crying for Clinton Puddytat   February 25th, am ET HILLARY … I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAVE SUCH AN AWSOME SENSE OF HUMOR.

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There are no cures on Tsubasa.
Only Drama.

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Damn, that's one fast-working seal! O_O

...If I do recall, though, didn't Syaoran say he was "with Sakura always" until the age he is right now in the manga? Meaning, he might really HAVE found a way to get rid of the seal, and he paid for something else with "turning back time."

...I'm probably missing something. ._.

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Did you notice, Tsubasa always have the crappiest spoilers!!

Thanks for the translation anyways

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Thanks for the spoiler ~ I am going along with the other people the "one year" vs. the supposely "seven year" ^^;;
Though for some odd reason when I see "the birthday when the black seal will steal Sakura's life draws near." that sound like a "teaser" for the chapter o___O but then "why" just skip to "one year" ONLY. *headache*
And is the chapter "really" that boring and "zero-informational" that it can sum up with 1 freaking sentence ><;;; And yet, the title is suggesting something more "powerful or possibly struggling" with the black seal in Sakura x__X

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thanks!!! at least will b a chapter for year left??

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Okay, we know what happens now, so will CLAMP please, please PLEASE just get on with it already? Or are they going to put Mangettes on hold as well?

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Isn't Bare-san always this enthusiastic?????

Anyhow, 1 year later.... I hope this is the last flashback now.

As amazing, cute, fluffy and pretty these last few chapters have been, i'm dying of curiosity about what he actually did now! Could it be as bad as the the supposed 'horrible, evil' Fai had done? Will it be as heart-wrenching as Kurogane's story?

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bare-san appears to have been wrong about the one year thing. I've just read it on onemanga and the Syaoran and Sakura in this flashback are blatantly 13/14, since it's a scene almost IDENTICAL to the beginning of the manga. Heck, they're even wearing the same clothing, and Syaoran lives in the same place (although instead of Fujitaka's picture on the matlepiece, it's Syaoran, Sakura and Syaoran senior)

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(although instead of Fujitaka's picture on the matlepiece, it's Syaoran, Sakura and Syaoran senior)