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Holic Rumor Mill (166)

Translations of this week's chapters will probably be up within 16 hours.

Chapter 166

The woman refuses to try her own cooking even when encouraged. What is told alongside that smile is the coldly mysterious reason!!

Client: You have a bad feeling, right?
About things you yourself made.

Watanuki leaves with a depressed expression. When he realized it, he was in front of Doumeki's house. Although he says that he almost never does it, Doumeki says he can also cook to some extent.

Watanuki: Have the things you made
... ever given you a bad feeling?
Doumeki: Nope.

Telling the exchange with the client, he tries the flavor of the boiled rolls he didn't touch before. (T/N: I'm not sure on "tries".) When he does, it's an uninteresting flavor, so-and-so peculiarities, feelings, etc. aren't noticed at all. Subconcious delicate preferences, the environment one was raised in, etc. are things that permeate one's body. (T/N: Sorry, complete translation failure here.) Like it is with Watanuki. Because it pertained to the client, it didn't manifest itself. (T/N: To Watanuki, I guess.) It's not because they aren't acquainted.

Doumeki: ... Are you satisfied?
Staying here?
That person will probably
be more helpful to him.
Mokona: That's because Watanuki again has to go forward.

Doumeki's words made him think about the true meaning of cooking. Is it also some hitsuzen that they turned up here!?
Mokona's profound words. Their true meaning is...!?

Next chapter: October 6th.

Argh, I feel so illiterate. Anyway, what's with this "go forward" talk? Is it about Watanuki's need to learn to live without the past he gave up, or is there some other meaning to it?

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