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Tsubasa Rumor Mill (200)

Chapitre 200
Stopped time

And so, that time arrived. The black crest strikes Sakura. Through the mother's power, time was stopped, but that won't stand for long. Then, when Shaoran takes Sakura's hand... Fei Wang takes advantage of his regret.

Same Side, Same Story

Deep into the night, a disaster befalls Sakura. She seems to be suffering. Called by her, Shaoran grasps her hand.
"Hang in there, Sakura!"
"It's... okay... This is... my..."
Sakura seems to be in pain again. He grasps her hand firmly. (T/N: The original text refers to "real Sakura". So she was cloned pre-rewind after all?)
What comes to his mind is their memory of grasping the hand of a sleeping feverish Sakura. The carved seal of death in Sakura's chest spreads out, tearing her clothes and spreading over her entire body. Nadeshiko uses magic and stops time. Sakura faints. Nadeshiko spits blood and mutters that the user's [Fei Wang's] magic is powerful and too much for her to deflect.
"Stop it!" (T/N: This is Shaoran speaking.)
While tearing up, Shaoran shouts to Nadeshiko, who continues to spit blood.
"You... save... Sakura... You're... Sakura's... destined..."
Nadeshiko stops breathing. The magic power abates. Shaoran holds Sakura's body in his arms and is regretful. Fei Wang appears before his eyes.
"My wish and yours are the same."

The time to choose has finally arrived!

Break after this chapter.

Poor clone, I hope he loses all his memories of living as other Shaoran if he survives. Remembering you lived a scripted replay of someone else's life can't be much fun.

... "Tearing her clothes"? Maaan, this sounds so fanservicey.

Nadeshiko! T_T

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