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Tsubasa Rumor Mill (201)

You know that bombastic chapter you probably expected 200 to be? Well, here it is.

Chapitre 201
The truth within the ruins

Shaoran trapped by countless strings. (T/N: Is this a cover description?)

Color cover: the set of the four, a bit youngish.

Shaoran wishes from the bottom of his heart to rewind time in order to save Sakura. That offense and the price were far too heavy. A boy appeared before Shaoran's eyes. Shaoran's wish was granted but for that the existence that would replace him as much as possible was born. (T/N: This might be a bit off.) Originally he was not "someone who should exist", that other Shaoran. That was Watanuki.

Fei Wang: That distortion shall bring pain to the parents who helped you. And also to that child himself.
Yuuko: No.
The future
has not yet been decided.

Same Side, Same Story
(These were actually posted two minutes before the ones above. No one confirmed them but no one denied them either.)

CC Sakura's magic square floats underneath Shaoran's feet. It is possible to rewind time but the offense is far too heavy. By rewinding time the princess may go down a different future. That also means that at the same time, because of that, the futures of all the people connected to the princess will change. Particulary, the future of those who knew about the princess' curse will change. And Shaoran must bear the greatest sin. Even with the rewind, he will not be by her side, will have his freedom taken away, his life exposed to danger and will be able to do nothing but watch. Even so, Shaoran chooses "one more time". (T/N: Meaning he chooses the rewind.) Soon Shaoran is rejuvenated to the way he was when he met the princess. And a boy appears in front of his eyes. He is the existence that was born when Shaoran rewound time, in order to fill up Shaoran's former position, the relationships he gave as payment. He is CC Sakura and Shaoran's son, not a brother but Shaoran himself. Fei Wang says that the existence of Watanuki, who was someone not originally supposed to exist, such distortion will bring pain to the parents who helped Shaoran and to Watanuki.

Bloody hell. Poor Watanuki.

So it looks like Shaoran's "relationship" price wasn't just with Sakura like the other Shaoran's price, but with everyone, to the extent that a new person came into existence for the sole reason of replacing him. I'm wondering about the so-called accident, though. Did Fei Wang have anything to do with it? Was it something that happened to Shaoran, but he was trained in a lot of things so he wasn't in enough danger that people had to die for him? Or were Shaoran's parents strong enough that they retained their pre-rewind memories?

The other batch sheds some (but not much) light into why the rewind affected Fujitaka and Nadeshiko so much. Keeping the secrecy around Sakura's curse turned out to be a wise decision; who knows what would've become of post-rewind Clow-koku if Sakura's condition had been public knowledge? Still, it does not explain the Clow-ou/Fujitaka thing. It'd be one thing if Fujitaka hadn't been in post-rewind Clow-koku at all, but that's not the case. He is and, as far as we know, he and Sakura never recognized the other as anything but princess and best-friend's-father. Did he, like, have the kids and give them to Clow-ou? And how the heck did he get out of being king? I buy that the rewind would change his future, but his past?

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My brain cannot function right now, srsly.

Thanks ~

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Fujitaka "split" in 2 people and one of them was Clow! XD

Finally the truth revealed! Tho I'm not exactly sure I've understood how that happens... but I bet post-rewind CC!Sakura and Syaoran die at the same time alt!Sakura-hime is saved from FWR's curse (if she is at all).

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If CCS!Sakura and Syaoran died in an 'accident', I will never forgive CLAMP.

EDIT: Okay, I won't hate them forever, but I'll never forgive them for taking my happy, feel good CLAMP and making it tragic.
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I concur! My big worry throughout this entire series is that CC!Saku/Syao have died. I'd be absolutely gutted. :(

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Tsubasa just keeps getting more and more confusing...I thought that Watanuki might've been some kind of alter ego for "Syaoran" somehow but didn't bother to break my brain over it too much...

But does this probably mean that CCS!Sakura and CCS!Syaoran are Watanuki's parents? If so that means that CLAMP killed them off ;___; (unless that story was just told to Watanuki or something...)

Thanks for the spoilers...hopefully this chapter will be scanlated fast next week XD

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Actually come to think of it, CCS!Sakura and Syaoran were Watnuki's parents shouldn't his last name have been Li or even Kinomoto? Hmm...where did he last name come from?

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So Watanuki is Shaoran...born from Shaoran's decision...

*brain dead*

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Well, it explains why Watanuki flails around and spazzes so much...just like his parents... ^_^;
He has his dad's temper and domestic skills too.
It's funny how I thought when I first read xxxholic that Watanuki reminded me of CCS!Syaoran in his behavior and traits, but I wasn't expecting this.
Seriously, if CCS!Sakura and CCS!Syaoran are dead, I'll be totally depressed. :(

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I never expected it on this level but it's a serious O.o

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i kinda expected this v.v, poor watanuki :/


oh well, how are youuuu? how's the job??? ^_^

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oh and thanks for the spoilers

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^Thank you so much!
It's hard to believe that Watanuki is just another Syaoran's Clone. They look nothing alike in terms of physical appearance. Another question just pop-into my head, is there any connection between Cloney Syaoran and Watanuki since both of them are substitute of Syaoran himself?

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piece of crap.
if Watanuki's existence is pure abnormality then there shouldn't be any same-souls-of-him walking around in different worlds. But there is at least one extra version of him in Holitsuba >_<
Clamp, you fail

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That's actually a very good point. There's also a bartender Watanuki in a xxxHolic drama, I seem to remember.

Seems like the Tsubasa-multiverse does not include those stories...

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... wow. I kinda somehow expected this. Thanks for the spoilers.

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CLAMP, if you've killed the CCS Syaoran and Sakura I'll never forgive you.

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Wait, if "Syaoran" = Watanuki, then "Syaoran" x Doumeki is canon... uh, kinda? *runs to the hills*

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... Well, damn.

Wait then how on earth did Syaoran hear about Watanuki "from his mother and father"?

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lol..none of this makes any sense. Watanuki's parents are also supposed to be dead, but Yuuko says there are a Sakura and Syaoran in that world. There are so many holes created by this, it's not even funny... ^_^;

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Wow, my heart was beating so fast when I read this so I had to take a few minutes to calm down before I was able to comment. XD

Watanuki wasn't supposed to exist? That's... too cruel. Poor boy. And yes, I really, really hope that CCS!Sakura and Syaoran aren't dead. Hell, like it's said above, it doesn't even make sense that they're dead, not with the information we've been given about them earlier. And Yuuko better be telling the truth when she's saying that the future is yet undecided, because I'm starting to feel very, very worried about Watanuki now. Still, the fact that he has changed so much and now wants to stay in the world must mean something, right? Anyway, thanks for translating. Confusing or not, I'm glad that CLAMP finally decided to give us some answers about the whole Syaoran/Watanuki connection.

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This is a really excessive way to show us what Hitsuzen is, CLAMP >> Though this is starting to explain the half-frozen/half-looped Clow Country they're in.

Thanks for the translations~

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If Watanuki took Shaoran Jr.'s place in the time rewind then that would mean that CCS!Syaoran and CCS!Sakura raised him right? And then they... And all the grief Watanuki went through when he was little. His existence itself was to pay that wish! T_T

Whatever they are keeping Ass-Chin from doing had better be worth it for all the shit EVERYBODY is going through!

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Thank you! Clamp has just dig another hole into the story!!! So Watanuki is Syaoran and his parents were CCS! SXS! But they DIED!!!!!!! T_______________T

Clamp great work! -_-

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Well, if it's really seriously established that CCS|SxS are indeed both dead, I think this will be just how far my interest in TRC will have gone.
I will certainly read it till the end, of course, after all I've been following it since 2004, but no fangirling or excitedly awaiting it: it will be just another manga title I read, that's all, not a fav or anything special, since the one only thing I refused to accept, since the very start, was for CCS|SxS to be harmed in the process. Which seems to have happened in the end.

Anyway, no matter how many decisions Syaoran took, CCS|SxS suffered for every single one of think they would finally die of it is just too painful a thought :(
The one last ultimate chance for SxS to be ok would be that Watanuki's real parents 'killed' and replaced by SxS? Or did Watanuki just appear from thin air as a 7 years old child already? In that case, it would be different, and then it would explain Yuuko's words in the first volume of XXXHolic, where she said "Your family is a bit peculiar. You don't live with your real parents. The people with which you share a same roof do not have the same last name as you do". Meaning the 'parents' he is living with RIGHT NOW are SxS (even though he doesn't remember since he gave up those memories).

It's strange how everyone started pitying Watanuki, while my thoughts went somewhere else: if Watanuki replaces him, does it means it was already established that Syaoran would never be coming back, ever, in his home world? Or is it the contrary? Since Syaoran is so scared about Watanuki disappearing, does it mean his 'mission' is coming to an end and he will come back, which would erase Watanuki's, his replacement, existence? And also, why the need for a replacement if the rewinding is done in another world? Does it mean that by 'Time rewinding', it's actually Time rewinding in all the existing worlds, not only CLow Country? The Time was rewind in all the 'Universe'? Or does that simply confirm that there is some kind of special connection between Clow and the CCS worlds?

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The one last ultimate chance for SxS to be ok would be that Watanuki's real parents 'killed' and replaced by SxS?

You may be right about this and I rather hope you are. At least CLAMP is finally filling in the blanks... I guess.

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Holy. Crap.

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OMG! O___O
i can't believe it!
why?! why CLAMP?! ;O;
Kimihiro was born in Sakura's birthday, april 1st!! poor Watanuki!

[identity profile] 2008-10-04 04:55 pm (UTC)(link) that means....auuuughhh

Poor Watanuki. At least the whole thing about Doumeki's blood makes more sense, I guess it's helping him stay in his world or be real or whatever?

Thanks for the info, by the way.

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If CCS!Sakura and CCS!Syaoran are dead, CLAMP is going to feel my fangirl WRATH!!!! D< Not my CCS T_T Not my beloved CCS!!!! T_T I want this story to finish forever, so I can push it out of my life! I refuse to count this as canon v_v CCS will forever remain feel good and innocent and wonderful. I will not allow this to ruin my favorite fandom.

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So, my theory of Watanuki being a Doppelganger wasn't wrong?

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