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Tsubasa Rumor Mill (201)

You know that bombastic chapter you probably expected 200 to be? Well, here it is.

Chapitre 201
The truth within the ruins

Shaoran trapped by countless strings. (T/N: Is this a cover description?)

Color cover: the set of the four, a bit youngish.

Shaoran wishes from the bottom of his heart to rewind time in order to save Sakura. That offense and the price were far too heavy. A boy appeared before Shaoran's eyes. Shaoran's wish was granted but for that the existence that would replace him as much as possible was born. (T/N: This might be a bit off.) Originally he was not "someone who should exist", that other Shaoran. That was Watanuki.

Fei Wang: That distortion shall bring pain to the parents who helped you. And also to that child himself.
Yuuko: No.
The future
has not yet been decided.

Same Side, Same Story
(These were actually posted two minutes before the ones above. No one confirmed them but no one denied them either.)

CC Sakura's magic square floats underneath Shaoran's feet. It is possible to rewind time but the offense is far too heavy. By rewinding time the princess may go down a different future. That also means that at the same time, because of that, the futures of all the people connected to the princess will change. Particulary, the future of those who knew about the princess' curse will change. And Shaoran must bear the greatest sin. Even with the rewind, he will not be by her side, will have his freedom taken away, his life exposed to danger and will be able to do nothing but watch. Even so, Shaoran chooses "one more time". (T/N: Meaning he chooses the rewind.) Soon Shaoran is rejuvenated to the way he was when he met the princess. And a boy appears in front of his eyes. He is the existence that was born when Shaoran rewound time, in order to fill up Shaoran's former position, the relationships he gave as payment. He is CC Sakura and Shaoran's son, not a brother but Shaoran himself. Fei Wang says that the existence of Watanuki, who was someone not originally supposed to exist, such distortion will bring pain to the parents who helped Shaoran and to Watanuki.

Bloody hell. Poor Watanuki.

So it looks like Shaoran's "relationship" price wasn't just with Sakura like the other Shaoran's price, but with everyone, to the extent that a new person came into existence for the sole reason of replacing him. I'm wondering about the so-called accident, though. Did Fei Wang have anything to do with it? Was it something that happened to Shaoran, but he was trained in a lot of things so he wasn't in enough danger that people had to die for him? Or were Shaoran's parents strong enough that they retained their pre-rewind memories?

The other batch sheds some (but not much) light into why the rewind affected Fujitaka and Nadeshiko so much. Keeping the secrecy around Sakura's curse turned out to be a wise decision; who knows what would've become of post-rewind Clow-koku if Sakura's condition had been public knowledge? Still, it does not explain the Clow-ou/Fujitaka thing. It'd be one thing if Fujitaka hadn't been in post-rewind Clow-koku at all, but that's not the case. He is and, as far as we know, he and Sakura never recognized the other as anything but princess and best-friend's-father. Did he, like, have the kids and give them to Clow-ou? And how the heck did he get out of being king? I buy that the rewind would change his future, but his past?

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