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Holic Rumor Mill (167)

Sorry for totally falling behind with translations and comment replies.

Chapter 167

Cover: Yuuko and boy Watanuki.

The wandering fates, in their struggle, blend!! What is the future that Yuuko gazes at behind those stern eyes!?

Yuuko's mansion is eaten by the tears. (T/N: I guess like "tears in the fabric of space-time".) Within it, the place with maximum priority to be defended until the end is the vault. Ginryuu, Yuui's tattoo etc. are left as they are. There is a lovely staff with wings there. It's the true "staff of star" that Sakura of the CCS world left. And in a different box is a pocket-watch-like picture frame.

Like the egg that Sakura-replica brought, Watanuki was split into different forms. The one in the picture is the other Watanuki. Shaoran's shape was a fake. Watanuki doesn't know about this picture or the true name written in it. However his body and heart understand that, and also the instability of his existence, that in the world that should originally have been his parents died protecting him, and that for that reason he must not remain in this world. (T/N: Unusual kanji for "understand". Also, I'm not sure on the "protecting him" part. A reflexive pronoun is used there and I have no idea whether it's reflecting "Watanuki" or "his parents".)

The shock is spun by Yuuko's mouth!! We finally found ou the truth!! Where is Watanuki's future headed!?

There is no returning to ignorance!!

Chapter 168 should be out on the 27th.

Yuuko's shop! T_T

... Was the pocket-watch Watanuki gave up all the way back in chapter 1 where all the answers were? *facepalm* How did I overlook that thing?

So Shaoran's appearance is fake. Is his true form Watanuki's, or something else entirely? (Hahaha, Suzaku.) Or is it only a fake in this world that split off, and in the other branch Watanuki is the one with the fake appearance?

I fear for Watanuki now that he found out why is that he felt he shouldn't be in his world. I hope he isn't going to disappear into a puff or logic or something.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to comment on it before. What if we end up with...
Sakura: No...! My... real name... is Shizuka.

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I-I can't help but worry about Watanuki's future DDD8

Also, So Shaoran's appearance is fake. Is his true form Watanuki's, or something else entirely? (Hahaha, Suzaku.) Ahahahahahaha.

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Yay, more revelations. These made me more confused than ever, but I feel a little bit better about Watanuki now. If he was split into different forms, that should mean that he originally had some kind of existence after all. The Watanuki that we know wasn't supposed to exist; but at least it doesn't seem like he was made up entirely out of thin air either. Oh, and the 'split into different forms' line makes me wonder what Clow Reed's role in all this may be.

>How did I overlook that thing?

Considering the amount of time that the TRC and Holic readers spend on coming up with all kinds of theories and analyses, I find it impressive that this line still is repeated so often among them. XD CLAMP, you are indeed amazing.

Haha, I knew there was a reason why Doumeki had a girl's name. XD

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Sakura: No...! My... real name... is Shizuka.

does this mean Watanuki is seme? D:

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Feh. Watanuki can pull it off if he wants, bossy little guy.

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Haha! Point taken. But Shizuka won't go down without a fight. :P

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...and I wonder why all I can think of is "BUTTSECKZBUTTSECKZBUTTSECKZ" whenever I watch a wrestling match.
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do you. do you really )'8

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same here. >:)

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I read starlady38 translation before this, and pretty muvh everything is similar except for one line
"And that his parents sacrificed themselves protecting him in the world that had to be originally. And that because of that he has to remain in this world as well."
"that in the world that should originally have been his parents died protecting him, and that for that reason he must not remain in this world."

The difference is quite big, since those 2 affirmations are pretty much complete opposites.
In one case 'Watanuki' wants to live on in this world, while in the other he pretty much wants to disappear (would that explain the 'Don't disappear!' from 'Syaoran'?)

Anyway, one of my doubts was finally resolved: I personally thought that Watanuki already existed and that his future was changed by 'Syaoran' choices, but the TRC201 spoilers said that he was 'born' from his choices. Which contradicted with my thoughts...
But now that we know there are '2 Watanuki', everything is fine ^^
'Watanuki' (we don't know his real original name) INDEED already existed since the very start and his parents died for him. Then, after 'Syaoran' made his decision, the 'other Watanuki' (the one we've been following from the beginning of the series) came to existence and was named 'Watanuki' ('April 1st' in chinese characters) by CCS|Sakura.
As I thought, CCS|SxS are fine.

The others doubts of mine that were resolved were about 'Syaoran' appearance and the fact he was very weirdly the carbon copy of his dad (I never stopped thinking it was 'abnormal'); furthermore, it's only right that someone whose name is not 'Syaoran', to not have the look of 'Syaoran' either.
But since the Clow Princess real name is not 'Sakura' either, will we discover she's got another form too? (I think definitely not...her parents are Fujitaka and Nadeshiko after all).
Like this, we can really see there is no 'SxS' in TRC after all ^^;;
It's funny to think Clone|Syaoran's form is actually more 'real' then the person he was cloned from ^^;;;; Since the clone's name IS 'Syaoran' and what we see IS his definitive form, not a fake...

Now I'm crossing my fingers and hoping Clamp will grace us with a *color* peek of 'Syaoran' real form before the end of the manga ^^
He must be a nice mix of both his parents~

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In regards to your first question, [ profile] starlady38's translation made me double check that line, but the correct translation is in fact "must not stay". However, the impression I had is that the "must not stay" isn't Watanuki's will, but rather some kind of logic of his world that must be preserved. Though maybe I wouldn't have looked at it that way if my first read through hadn't gone like "Watanuki's parents died protecting themselves"?

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I KNEW THE WATCH WAS IMPORTANT. Well, I thought it was Clow's timepiece but still...

I hope Watanuki doesn't disappear! Besides that, didn't Yuuko say that it was half of Doumeki's eyesight and blood that are being used to anchor Watanuki to his current world?

CLAMP please Watanuki deserves better than this he worked so damn hard!!! T_T

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LOL XD at your speculation...
poor boy T_T Watanuki deserves to be in this world ....

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Sakura: No...! My... real name... is Shizuka.
AHAHA that'd be interesting XD Could also be Himawari though, with the good luck/bad luck reversal... hmmm.

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I don't get it! :D

So, like, Syaoran and Watanuki are literally the same person? Is that what we're talking about here?

...I like Watanuki better, no lie. I just hope he doesn't "disappear in a puff of logic" like you said.

Heh. That reminded me of Hitchhiker's Guide, haven't read that in ages.

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I don't understand anything anymore.

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I feel you @_@

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ohhhhhh man CLAMP what ARE you doing to us

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Thanks for the spoilers!!
Shocking chapters these month!!!

I undertand why watanuki feels like that, but, once he appeared there's no reason for him to disappear isn't it?
I hope so, but, i wonder how he'd feel if he discovered his origins...

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my poor Kimihiro!!!!!!!
The Shop

i'm really worry!!

maybe Kimihiro is really a girl??? XD

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I am really confused.... where did this spout from?

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wait.... I don't get it... what's this other watanuki thing? wast the oe split into 2, syaoran jr?
so, the syaoran-son from TRC actually looks like Watanuki? and he is the one in the picture?

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I thought Syaoran's fake appearance might have been something like the fact he reversed his own time, so he should really be 21, but he's 14. Hence the fake appearance... or something like that.

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I hate to ask an off-topic question- but in lieu of any contact info- any telling when the next KH chapter is going to be uploaded? ouo we're really excited!

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Good question. I need to ask [ profile] kowaiki, who's the one with the subscription and the scanner, about it next time we talk. *kicks ungodly timezone difference*

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Thankyou very much! >3< *salute!* I can't say how awesome you guys are for providing such a resource! It's really great getting to see all the orgs in Amano's style- I wish there was a way to compensate for the work you guys put into it for us ;A;

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The chapter says Watanuki and Syaoran were deliberately made to be different. And it also elaborates by saying Syaoran changed his form (I think that means for Watanuki's sake)

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Okay, I am totally confused.

So Sakura and Syaoran are dead. I think, but when did they die, I mean if they died when Watanuki was little. How long had they been married for, they looked quite old in that photograph.

Also, how did they die, it said in the chapter that it was too protect Watanuki and Syaoran. But from what?

Maybe we will find out soon enough.

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Rather than have another Syaoran lookalike replace Syaoran, Syaoran Senior changed his appearance and family name. Does this alter the CCS timeline at all? In any case Syaoran Li did not die as such, but whoever Syaoran changed into.