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Holic Rumor Mill (167)

Sorry for totally falling behind with translations and comment replies.

Chapter 167

Cover: Yuuko and boy Watanuki.

The wandering fates, in their struggle, blend!! What is the future that Yuuko gazes at behind those stern eyes!?

Yuuko's mansion is eaten by the tears. (T/N: I guess like "tears in the fabric of space-time".) Within it, the place with maximum priority to be defended until the end is the vault. Ginryuu, Yuui's tattoo etc. are left as they are. There is a lovely staff with wings there. It's the true "staff of star" that Sakura of the CCS world left. And in a different box is a pocket-watch-like picture frame.

Like the egg that Sakura-replica brought, Watanuki was split into different forms. The one in the picture is the other Watanuki. Shaoran's shape was a fake. Watanuki doesn't know about this picture or the true name written in it. However his body and heart understand that, and also the instability of his existence, that in the world that should originally have been his parents died protecting him, and that for that reason he must not remain in this world. (T/N: Unusual kanji for "understand". Also, I'm not sure on the "protecting him" part. A reflexive pronoun is used there and I have no idea whether it's reflecting "Watanuki" or "his parents".)

The shock is spun by Yuuko's mouth!! We finally found ou the truth!! Where is Watanuki's future headed!?

There is no returning to ignorance!!

Chapter 168 should be out on the 27th.

Yuuko's shop! T_T

... Was the pocket-watch Watanuki gave up all the way back in chapter 1 where all the answers were? *facepalm* How did I overlook that thing?

So Shaoran's appearance is fake. Is his true form Watanuki's, or something else entirely? (Hahaha, Suzaku.) Or is it only a fake in this world that split off, and in the other branch Watanuki is the one with the fake appearance?

I fear for Watanuki now that he found out why is that he felt he shouldn't be in his world. I hope he isn't going to disappear into a puff or logic or something.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to comment on it before. What if we end up with...
Sakura: No...! My... real name... is Shizuka.

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