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Kyo ([personal profile] ashurasama) wrote2008-10-17 08:48 am
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Tsubasa Rumor Mill (202)

I've figured out a way to use my transport overhead to translate stuff (the Nokia 9300 is ♥ even if I haven't been able to load an IME into it yet), so I should be able to catch up with the Holic and Tsubasa chapters in a few weeks.

Chapitre 202
Warped wish

Fei Wang disappeared taking Shaoran. Watanuki was left at Yuuko's place. (T/N: Where it says "was left", the verb used seems to also have something of a "being kept" meaning to it.)

I really should at least -read- the chapters I haven't translated yet.

I got the impression that Shaoran went willingly. Do I have the wrong idea, or is it that he wasn't supposed to have been imprisoned at first?

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