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Holic Rumor Mill (168)

Yes, I am late, what else is new?

Chapter 168

The distortion brought forth because of the "time that Shaoran rewound", that's Watanuki!! Yuuko's words spin a tragedy!!

If he didn't exist, wouldn't his parents have continued on without dying? Those feelings and regrets become Watanuki's predisposition to attract ayakashi. And at that time when Shaoran faced the clone and was about to die, Watanuki subconsciously tried to protect Shaoran by erasing his own life. That was the cause of the incident where he fell from the school building.

It's no good if Watanuki disappears. It's not only Maru and Moro who thus wish. Responding to the feelings of the several people he's met until now, even Watanuki himself changed to the point of wishing, "I want to be here."

Yuuko: The stronger it's wished for, the stronger it gets.
Along with that child,
the future too will change.

The fact that Watanuki is alone now is something he himself chose. "If Shaoran is alone, I should be as well." However, that memory was given as payment and no longer remains. A few remaining memories exist only because of Fei Wang's curse. (T/N: I'm not sure about this one.) In short, not necessarily all memories are true. The feelings entrusted by his parents into a fake name. "I'll go meet you, without fail." (T/N: This is worded as a quote. Whose and about what, I'm not sure.)

Watanuki's existence is sorrowful, ephemeral, and overflowing with subconscious courage. "I'll go meet you, without fail." His parents' feelings, true!!

To change the future through the feelings of comrades. With everyone, certainly, we can get there!! Wait for the next issue!!

Looks like the mystery around Sakura and Shaoran's absence went up a notch. Also, was Shaoran's condition -that- bad when he first fought the clone? Until Sakura stopped him, I wouldn't have thought he was is that much danger.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the way the explanation about Watanuki's appeal to ayakashi is written, it's almost like a physical change happened because of his survivor's guilt. Would explain why Yuuko said it was his blood.

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