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Tsubasa Rumor Mill (203)

Chapitre 203
Those beside me (T/N: There's no first-person in the original, I just thought it'd be easier to word this way.)

After that, Shaoran became a prisoner, until the same time he rewound arrived. Facing Shaoran, who revealed that, the answer of Kurogane and the others is, though harsh, acceptance of staying with him.

I know I haven't read Tsubasa for a while now, but did we seriously get through that flashback without finding out Fei Wang's reasons for the whole Shaoran fiasco (meaning, keeping the kid locked up for seven years, letting him escape and then failing to kill him)?

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I think the locking was because it'd been a price Syaoran paid? To just "watch" while that time he had rewound passed again, I mean. *completely guessing here*

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Thank you Ashura-sama :D


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Thanks for the translation, as usual. But, shouldn't that be chapitre 203?

Re: 202?

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Fixed. Thanks.

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How old would that make Syaoran, anyway? His mind has gone through these 7 years how many times now?

And of course Kurogane is going to stick with him. Syaoran's reason for being there is less ridiculous than Fai's past! They have to stick together in order to beat up Fei Wang! It's good to know that the flashbacks are finally over and we can get on with the story.

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He's 7 before going to Clow Country, spent another 7 years in Clow, turned his time back and spent yet another 7 years in Fei Wong Reed's tube, so basic mathematics would tell you he has a body of 14 years old and a mind of 21 years old. XD

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Ouch... so he's got a mind of closer to Kurorin's age... (I dunno... I always thought Kurogane was in his early mid twenties)

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I wonder if this stagnant time was created by the wish, then? Perhaps by taking Sakura's hand it rectifies it all (including the deaths of Sakura and Syaoran Li)

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Thanks for the spoilers!!!

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Well, I take comfort in the fact that they're not going easy on him, even if they are staying with him. (Granted, he was a little kid, and I did think that Yuuko sending him back to when he first met Sakura seven days before was a viable solution.)

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I am sure the actual raw chapter should be out in the next day or so... but here's also the detailed spoiler part I found for TRC 203...

扉絵はちょっと久しぶり? の写身君。绯炎を持ってまたも血みどろ、飞王マークの新衣装。…何気に写身君、暴走してるのにお着替え多い…(扉絵だから!)。


黒钢が外套を翻し、必死に制止するモコナの声に构わず大股で小狼に近づく。…と、ゴツ! と大きな音がして、小狼の头上に拳が留まった。そのまま无言で背を向ける黒钢に惊き呆然とした小狼に、ファイが近づくとぺしん、と両手が頬を优しく打った。「选んだよ」ファイは笑颜で頬を挟むと、もう一度「だから、これ」と缲り返す。


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