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Let's chop!

After all the hell from episode 15, seems like gg insists in not only breaking VLC, but also forcing mplayer users to explicitly enable ASS support, which was -never- needed before. What's more, depending on your version of mplayer, FreeType just won't shut up during playback, though it doesn't hinder anything. Sweet, isn't it? I wonder what comes next. Maybe something that can't be cleaned just with regular expressions? Oh well, it's not like I don't need some bison practice.

I didn't otherwise alter the subtitles, as you can see at around 16' when Nanaly's name is spelled "Nunnually" in both versions.

For VLC people who enjoy the funny comments, I also prepared a version without the syntax abuse but with the comments, it's in the files with "tns" in the name.

The syntax abuse this time is a bit different from the one in episode 15, so I'm giving the sed scripts I used again.

For the completely clean version:
sed -r "s/\{\x5c\x5cfscx0\}.*// ; s/\{.*\}//" sub.ass > sub-clean.ass

For the "tns" version:
sed -r "s/\{\x5c\x5cfscx0\}.*//" sub.ass > sub-tns.ass

If you're wondering, the reason for the funky hexadecimal escape sequences is that sed wouldn't recognize "\\" for some reason.

Also, last time I was too bitchy to put this link up, but I've calmed down a bit now, so go there for instructions on how to load external subtitles in VLC.

Last but not least, the subtitles!
ashurasama: Franziska Von Karma from Ace Attorney 2 & 3 (barry)
Ah, it feels good to use my Barry icon in a LJ post again! The subject of today's chopping is the crap around gg's Code Geass 15.

Looks like there's quite an uproar because of gg's decision of abusing the ASS comment syntax in episode 15 of Code Geass. While I think many of the people complaining are too lazy for their own good (three words: go get mplayer), syntax abuse for petty reasons is never a good thing.

It doesn't really take much to clean the subs. Just get yourself a MKV track extracting program such as mkvtoolnix, extract the subtitle tracks (3 and 4 in this case), get rid of the comments with
sed -r "s/\{.*\}//" sub.ass > sub-filtered.ass
and there you go. Of course, if you don't know how to use external subs in the first place, then it's all in vain.

That said, get the comment-less subs here.


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