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Apparently, it's over. And I mean, -really- over, as in, no 3rd season. I didn't get all of the dialogue, nor am motivated to, but in the "next episode preview" slot, Mokona said Tsubasa was over, and Shaoran said they'd keep travelling. In the episode itself, Chaos' last words to Shaoran were that Shaoran was really strong, and certainly up to the task of collecting the feathers.

Chaos' true form... didn't make sense at all. Why, why in nine hells would Chaos' human form look like that? Considering what he really was, he should have looked like... someone else. I feel for the Shaoran in the capsule, though. Not only he was reduced to a tool to control Shaoran, but he didn't even get out of the capsule!

And the use of music was horrible again. The one time when Shaoran went into psycho-clone mode, "prove yourself" wasn't playing! Well, good news for Kajiura, I guess. Her beautiful works will no longer get horribly misused by that music director.

I can't believe I forgot to comment on the Souhi-Hien fusion! What the friggin' hell -was- that? Really, I was practically seeing Shaoran scream "bakuryuuha" back there...
ashurasama: Franziska Von Karma from Ace Attorney 2 & 3 (barry)
Just watched/skipped through it. Chaos arc has not ended. T_T On the plus side, animation isn't as horrible as it was in episode 50, though I'm still not happy with those eyes.

Sakura finally realized that she's been had and the feathers were fake. She even verbally stood up against Chaos. And all of that, of course, leads to the apex of Sakura not even trying to get away from Chaos at the end of the episode! What's wrong with her? Sure, she's a little too naïve and sleeps too much, but this is plain stupid.

It turns out Shaoran was fighting much, much better in this episode despite the fact that he was using a katana that was picked for someone else. Is this really the same Shaoran who doesn't know what to do after blocking an attack?

Looks like Touya and Yukito will make an appearance next episode, as will the psycho-clone. (Hello, kid, you're two episodes too late! Shaoran can't take all that abuse he took in episode 50, you know.)

Thinking of Sakura's situation and the several appearances by Fei Wang and his gang, I'm getting a really bad feeling that the anime will irrecoverably stray from the manga, and this arc is going to replace Acid Tokyo. It appears that a third season has already been confirmed as the final season. Oh, and I -so- won't be surprised if they end up swapping the real Shaoran with the clone.
ashurasama: Franziska Von Karma from Ace Attorney 2 & 3 (barry)
So... I've just watched it, in hopes that it was the end of the Chaos arc, but it looks like it wasn't this time. Where's that Yuuko-san when you need her? ^_^
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