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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, chapitre 199

I'm catching up. Very slowly.

Chapitre 199
The power to live on


Wagering his lifetime,
his loved ones, everything
on those shoulders---


Kurogane: ... A wish.

??: Anyone whose loved ones pass away would wish for it...

Fai: But, it's a wish that won't be granted.


Mokona: ... Mokona wants them to come back,
Mokona: because they're loved ones.

Shaoran: It was decided by the king and queen that Sakura wouldn't be informed about the carved seal,
Shaoran: since the only ones who could see it were Clow country's priest queen and myself.

Shaoran: And, staying in Clow country,
I continued to search that world for a way to erase the black wings

Shaoran: for a long time.


Shaoran: I'm home,
dad and mom.

Shaoran: ... I heard there was a country that used a magic square that looked a lot like that black seal
Shaoran: and went to check it out, but

Shaoran: I couldn't get a clue on erasing Sakura's seal.
Shaoran: Not a single one, again.

Shaoran: Yes?


Sakura: Shaoran!

Sakura: How was the country you went to!?
Are you hurt?
You didn't get a fever or anything?
Shaoran: No.
Everything went fine.

Shaoran: Princess...
Sakura: Sakura.

Sakura: I call you Shaoran.
Sakura: So call me by name,


Shaoran: I'm home,

Sakura: Welcome back,

Sakura: Thanks.

Shaoran: Oh, and this.
Sakura: Whaat?


Shaoran: It's preserved food from the country I went to.
It's made from a fruit that looks like Clow country's apples.
Sakura: This isn't like pah'yu, is it?
Looks like fal. (T/N: Yet another made-up Clow-koku food name.)

Shaoran: The flavor is close, too.
Shaoran: I tried them when I learned to make them so I think it should be okay...

Sakura: Thanks!
Sakura: Can I eat it?

Shaoran: Sure.

Sakura: It's delicious!
Sakura: You're really good at cooking, Shaoran!


Sakura: About two years after you came to this country,
when you said you'd start living alone,
Sakura: I was worried, but you were completely fine!

Sakura: Your father, who taught you, was also really good at cooking, right?
Shaoran: Mom also cooked, but
dad was better at it.

Shaoran: Besides...

Shaoran: When I think about it,
Shaoran: maybe it was precisely because he knew we'd part like that,
that he taught me all everything about how to use techniques and how to take care of myself,


Shaoran: so that I'd be able to live alone.

Sakura: Shaoran?

Shaoran: It's nothing.

Sakura: I'm sorry. Even though you're tired because
you just came back from your trip...

Shaoran: It's okay.
Since I could see you.


Sakura: ... About the crest that's in the entrance to the ruins,

Sakura: It's been very long since you told me
you came to Clow country again in order
to investigate it.

Sakura: In a little while, it'll be a longer time that we
have known each other than before we met.

Shaoran: ... That's right.


Sakura: During that time, I've studied many things,
Sakura: become able to see many dreams...

Sakura: Er...
You know...
Sakura: I...

Sakura: ......


Shaoran: It's the castle bell.
Shaoran: It's already evening.

Sakura: I somehow get the feeling that brother
used the castle bell to get in my way.

Shaoran: In your way?

Sakura: I gotta go back.
Or brother will come down here.
Shaoran: I'll take you.
Sakura: I'll be okay,


Sakura: because there's nothing but great people among the people of this country.

Shaoran: That's right.

Sakura: Ah...
Sakura: You know...


Sakura: Since my birthday is coming up in a little while,
Sakura: I'll say then what
I started to say earlier,


Sakura: so be sure to wait!


Shaoran: Sakura...

Teaser: The light won't shine...
The fated birthday draws near!

Page 05: So that was why Shaoran was originally never home? *shiver*

Page 06: How did Shaoran not go insane seeing other Shaoran's life go so much like the first time around? I mean... it's creepy.

Page 09: "[...] but dad was better at it." WIN. Also, "learned cooking from his father who was very good at it"... ... ... Who is Watanuki?

[identity profile] 2008-09-26 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
pag 06 the boy is very brave!! i must to concede that
page 09 the easy solution is Watanuki been bro of Syaoran but this is too poor and with so many flaws that i hope ohkawa think twice before doing that

like CSS and Li sr must be dead in that case (wataniki parents are dead)
how Yuuko and mokona knows how he cook if Mokona was sleep and Yuuko said she don't know Li sr... and the list goes on and on!!

Thanks i miss your translation, i will check mine with yours!!!!!

[identity profile] 2008-09-26 11:02 am (UTC)(link)
aren't clamp a bit repetitive? lol XD
^_^ how is ur job going?

(Anonymous) 2008-09-27 09:09 am (UTC)(link)
Points against Syaoran and Sakura Li being dead:

1) Yuko states they're still LIVING in her world. Although don't take too much stock in that - Yuko claimed at the same time they were 'boyfriend and girlfriend' (indicating they're about 14 like their 'counterparts' and that Holic takes places not long after CCS ends), and that she hadn't met "the four-eyed demon" (Clow Reed).

2) Yuko's wish to meed them hasn't been granted, and both Yuko and Watanuki indicate it might some day.

3) Yuko compared Clow Reed to Watanuki's father. The only one who would behave similarly to Clow would be Eriol. The other possibilities go from unlikely to impossible.

4) Even being disconnected so long from his mother and father, surely "Syaoran" would have felt something.

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