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Holic Rumor Mill (164)

Announcement (2008.09.06): So, I was calmly translating Holic this morning, and decided to check on what I should do to apply for the JLPT, and find out that the deadline in Brazil is today. So, I'm off again falling even more behind with my translations.

Announcement (2008.09.05): Guess what... another job interview today. So Holic will most likely be late. And hello, scanning community, do I need to whine all the time about the lateness of Holic scans? It does get old, you know.

Repeat with me: the worst language in the world is the language of Human Resources personnel. ¬¬

Chapter 164

That trespassing Mokona, what's that!? With Chef Watanuki's trusty recipe, he'll grant that wish for sure!!

Watanuki: Well,
that person is perfectly capable.
She doesn't wash the rice with detergent or have any awkward points.
She can also use a kitchen knife properly, and her quantity measurings are always right on the mark.
I think she'd be just fine even if I didn't teach her.

He has cooked potato rolls at hand. Himawari asks whether it isn't difficult. Watanuki's explanation is simple and easy to understand. A chime resounds from the school building. She has day duty today so she's off first. This time when she is invited by Watanuki to go to the cake shop with him, she covers her eyes for a moment.

Himawari: ... Sure.
I look forward to it.
Watanuki: Me too.

Even right in the middle of the exchange Doumeki didn't give the chopsticks a break. The chopsticks stop. He feels unrest from the cooked rolls. It's something that the client cooked under Watanuki's guidance. There's no way it could taste bad, but...

"I want to learn to cook" should have been just a peaceful wish... The unrest sensed by Doumeki, what kind of enigma could be in this flavor!?

From what Watanuki said, looks like the client really -is- able to do stuff in the kitchen. She probably knows exactly what happens (even if we don't) when she tries to cook, so why didn't she just say it up front?

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Thank you so much! There goes all the Clamp classic cliffhangers and linkages!! XD

That's why Haruka had that speech! XD XD XD XD

Maybe the woman doesn't know! XD XD

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thanks for the rumor! ^_^
ahhh v.v u know i figured it'd be something like this...-.- typical lol

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So, Doumeki's basically become a food detector now? XD

Thanks for the translation!

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Dammit I'm hungry now. T_T

And what is it with washing rice with detergent? I've seen this theme in some mangas. I don't know how it really is but why would people seriously wash rice with detergent? They're going to EAT it for ****'s sake!

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So... Doumeki... are you taking food that seriously lol
kidding aside, I'm gonna get hungry for this arc. LOL

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"The worst language in the world is the language of Human Resources personnel."

Not really i am a HR Personnel (now the people wanting HR help reverses it) XD

Now then the chapter, so she can cook but has something around her i would say to make it so her food isn't right.

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Wait, if there is something supernatural going on after all, then how is Watanuki supposed to grant this woman's wish? A big lesson about how what really matters is cooking from your heart?

I kinda missed the clients' wishes. Yay for a (probably brief) return to xxxholic's original formula.

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Hmm... I hope that shit happens and Domeki saves Kimi-kimi. I DUN CARE IF ITS SUPPOSED TO BE CHARACTHER DEVOLOPMENT, I JUST WANT MOAR DOUWATA :DDD

Not really.

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interesting... Himawari might be part of the plot!? can't wait to see how this story turns out!

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Thanks as always!

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What I'm afraid of: Watanuki will accidentally poison Doumeki! DDD:

Anyway, thanks for the summary!

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Hehe, I'm pretty sure that, as long as it was Watanuki's cooking, Doumeki wouldn't mind being poisoned XD

Doumeki: Well, at least he put his heart into poisoning me... wait....

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Good luck with your interview!

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Eek. Good thing you checked then. Don't worry about the translations, I just hope you made it in time okay. Which level are you taking this year? JLPT2?

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It's awfully ambitious of me, but yeah, I'm taking JLPT2. I hope my memory is better on the day of the exam than it was today -- had to phone my mother asking for her street address (I don't know where I'll be living next year so I'll have the results mailed to her house) in the midst of filling the application form.