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A long time ago I used to speed-translate Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic.

I miss that time a lot, though I certainly don't miss being even more of a coward than I am now.

I also live somewhere (and have the misfortune of having been born there too) where working my ass off is barely enough to make a decent living, ergo I unfortunately have very little time to work on translations.

If you want to ask me about Japanese or C/C++/ObjC (I'm of the *nix variety though), or talk about videogames or music, you can comment to this post.

And finally, because people don't get it.

I am a person. That is all I have to say on the subject.
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I haven't given up on the out-of-date chapters yet. I need more free time. X_X If not for the fact that I was utterly broke and I have a dream that's very much incompatible with that, what people tend to call "having no life" beats the crap out of "having a real life".

Shoot 'em up? Slash 'em up? No, in Tsubasa we have shut 'em up! )
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The end of flashbacks for now? )
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Yes, I am late, what else is new?

And thus continue the long-awaited revelations about our protagonist. )
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I've figured out a way to use my transport overhead to translate stuff (the Nokia 9300 is ♥ even if I haven't been able to load an IME into it yet), so I should be able to catch up with the Holic and Tsubasa chapters in a few weeks.

You want long spoilers? Go read Holic or something. )
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Sorry for totally falling behind with translations and comment replies.

At this rate, the next big spoiler will be that CLAMP didn't actually write any of Holic or Tsubasa... )
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You know that bombastic chapter you probably expected 200 to be? Well, here it is.

So how do you pay for a time rewind anyway? )
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I'm catching up. Very slowly.

... And this concludes the 'chapter 1 rehashes' segment of Tsubasa. Be sure to take notes! )
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Translations of this week's chapters will probably be up within 16 hours.

Looks like we can lower the alert flags for this client. )
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Written on sort-of-a-request from a person in my f-list. I hope it isn't too brain-frying.

For those of you who don't want to see a lot of math technobabble, skip right past this entry.

There are 10 kinds of people in this world... )
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Bare-san must've been out partying or something.

And partying bare-san means spoilers sloppiness apparently. ¬¬ )
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Get used to the delays, people. Barring a complete disaster, I have a full-time job starting from next Monday. Most likely only the Tsubasa spoilers won't be affected (and perhaps Holic if the spoilers are posted as early as they were today).

The less-than-triumphant return... )
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I'll get around to doing Tsubasa later today, promise.

Back to our regularly scheduled cooking lesson... )
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There's nothing like trying to translate a chapter that you should've translated two days ago while people won't shut the hell up about how you should be doing this and that, completely ignoring what a hellish weekend you had. ¬¬

A -normal- cooking lesson? Sorry, wrong manga. (笑) )
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Poor Holic will follow in a few hours when I have access to the scans again.

Aaand back to Clow-koku! )
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Announcement (2008.09.06): So, I was calmly translating Holic this morning, and decided to check on what I should do to apply for the JLPT, and find out that the deadline in Brazil is today. So, I'm off again falling even more behind with my translations.

Announcement (2008.09.05): Guess what... another job interview today. So Holic will most likely be late. And hello, scanning community, do I need to whine all the time about the lateness of Holic scans? It does get old, you know.

Repeat with me: the worst language in the world is the language of Human Resources personnel. ¬¬

So what -is- up with our current client? )
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After Holic frustrated me to no end, this chapter was actually quite easy.

Dammit, CLAMP, stop reusing Holic panels! )
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Nothing is going right for me today. ¬¬

Doumeki's eating habits revealed! )
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One hell of a trip! )
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