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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, chapitre 198

Get used to the delays, people. Barring a complete disaster, I have a full-time job starting from next Monday. Most likely only the Tsubasa spoilers won't be affected (and perhaps Holic if the spoilers are posted as early as they were today).

Chapitre 198
Invisible seal

-01- (splash: Fai, Kurogane, Shaoran)

If there was a day like this...
Even now, sometimes
that's how I feel.


Mokona: ... Didn't Shaoran see his father and mother after talking to Yuuko?


Shaoran: ... I didn't.
After my wounds healed at that shop,
Shaoran: I returned to Clow country as I was.

Kurogane: Is the reason why you talked about your past

Kurogane: because it's necessary for the coming battle?


Shaoran: That, too.

Fai: What else?

Shaoran: I know your pasts.

Shaoran: From the illusion I was shown,


Shaoran: and
Shaoran: through my other self's eye.

Kurogane: It's not like you wanted to peek into it, is it?

Shaoran: Even so, I wanted to tell you,
Shaoran: the friends with whom I've been travelling,


Shaoran: whatever it is
that you'd feel and choose after you found out.

Mokona: Shaoran...?

Kurogane: Go on.


Sakura: Shaoran!?


Sakura: Hadn't you gone back to Jap-...!?

Shaoran: ... The cleansing?

Sakura: Ah. It ended seven days ago.
Sakura: So it should be fine if you touch...


Sakura: Shaoran!!!?


Sakura: On that last day,
I ended up losing my senses in midst of cleansing,
Sakura: and when I woke up later, you weren't there.
I couldn't say goodbye properly so I was kinda...


Sakura: I wondered whether I could see you again if I waited at the cleansing grounds...

Shaoran: ... Thank you

Shaoran: for waiting for me.


Sakura: Mother!

Sakura: Shaoran came again!

Nadeshiko: You seem really happy,

Nadeshiko: ......

Nadeshiko: Sakura-hime,
go inform your father too that our guest is here.
Sakura: Okay!


Nadeshiko: And meanwhile you stay with me,

Shaoran: ... Yes.

Sakura: Later, Shaoran!

Shaoran: ... Yeah.


Shaoran: After the cleansing, the princess was...

Nadeshiko: engraved with... that seal.

Nadeshiko: Right now, the only one in this country who can see that seal is me.
Nadeshiko: Sakura herself cannot see it.

Shaoran: But I can see it as well.
Shaoran: Before, too...


Nadeshiko: He must want to show it to you,
the seal.

Shaoran: What is that man?

Nadeshiko: Even I do not know.


Nadeshiko: I merely saw in a dream once, after you went back to your world of origin,

Nadeshiko: that he has a wish he wants to make true.

Fei Wang: Will the goal wished for become the same for you and me both?


Shaoran: I will search this world for a way to erase that carved seal
before those wings fully cover the princess.
Shaoran: I'm not going to let Sakura die for his dream or whatever!

Teaser: The utterly conflicting feelings.
The time of the clash is near!

Page 01: Maybe my Japanese is just rusty, but that なら strikes me as very odd.

Page 05: Shaoran is such a nice kid. ♥

So only Shaoran and Nadeshiko can see the seal? Has Nadeshiko actually bothered to attempt any kind of probing? The whole thing seems too fishy.

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Thank you for the translations, as always, and congratulations on that job. ♥ See, I had a feeling it would all work out somehow.

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Thanks a lot!
Good luck with the new job ^^

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Syaoran is really a nice kid. ^^

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PFFT "or whatever!" ahahaha it sounds hilarious like that XD

And yes, he iiiiis.

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Syaoran's adorable. But we already knew that. <3

Didn't your heart absolutely *melt* at that hug? And the splash page, too!

Really starting to wonder about the correlation of the seal to the 'tsubasa' Sakura lost at the beginning. White feathers, black feathers.

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Wow a full time Job!!
I wish you all the luck in the world!
you will pass to the dark side full time job (i'm a full time mom) and fan translator
A "big HUG for you", please let us know how it goes!!!

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thanks for translating!!!
it seems that things are gonna get interesting again from now on (I hope)
(and the splash looks SO cute!!!x3!)