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Tsubasa Rumor Mill (202)

I've figured out a way to use my transport overhead to translate stuff (the Nokia 9300 is ♥ even if I haven't been able to load an IME into it yet), so I should be able to catch up with the Holic and Tsubasa chapters in a few weeks.

Chapitre 202
Warped wish

Fei Wang disappeared taking Shaoran. Watanuki was left at Yuuko's place. (T/N: Where it says "was left", the verb used seems to also have something of a "being kept" meaning to it.)

I really should at least -read- the chapters I haven't translated yet.

I got the impression that Shaoran went willingly. Do I have the wrong idea, or is it that he wasn't supposed to have been imprisoned at first?

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Such shocking spoilers.

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Wow. So revealing.

Anyway, hope you're doing well. It's been a while so hope things are okay with you. :]

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That was enlightening once more. xD

Thanks ~

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Next chapitre: Jesus dies, lol.
Lazy Bare-san is lazy.

Btw... shdakjdhf Neither-sama! *huggles*

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Well, part of the price *of his wish to rewind Time* was for him to loose his freedom, so I don't really think it's about going willingly or not, but more like he had to ^^;

Very 'light' spoilers, but it might not be that bad: discovering a new chapter without having been spoiled of 99% of the contents is nice too ^^
Anyway, the flashback and revelations are finished now, so this chapter will obviously be with the gang back inside FWR dimension and I guess we will have Mokona crying for Syaoran's sake, and Yuui/Kurogane telling him they will follow him to help the princess till the very end or something...

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Thanks for the spoilers!!

You should!! Hahaha.
Well only this time i was able to predict something in TrC: but it's that it was too obvious!!

I wonder why Yuuko left FWR take Syao, if she was saving Wata, why not Syao too??
This movement CLAMP have done now is a little weird...

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I wouldn't consider it a spoiler but thanks anyway^__^

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well is clear to me that Xiao jr understood he was making a payment so he goes with FWR to pay!!

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Thanks ashura sama!!! and if you want to catch up could you do first 167???
i really need a second opinion here!!!

How is work???? *a big hug for you i really miss you*

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Thanks for the spoiler!!
Well, at least we are back on track and it "finally" matched with the beginning part in the series. It all go "according to plan" with what FWR has planned. [=journey, clones, getting Fai and Kurogane etc.] Hm... I guess our last mystery would be "Where did Clow-ou come from??"

Is not that Syaoran "willingly" want to be captured by FWR but that's part of his consequences/price ^^;; Especially with the previous chapter, Yuuko stating some of those price fit-in quite well with that description: "you wouldn't be by Sakura's side and your freedom would be taken away and you would only be able to watch..."

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Somethings answered at last...but i still wonder about CCS! Sakura & Syaoran.

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Thank you very much for these spoilers and for all the previous ones :D It's very nice of you to translate them ! Arigatou gozaimasu!

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If, as Yuko says in holic 167, the path split into two, there could be a glimmer of hope that Syaoran's parents still live after all.