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Just for the sake of completeness, since scanlations are already out.

Just when you thought she was improving... )
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Holic is on break anyway, and [ profile] ladydarkmoon conveniently uploaded the scans yesterday, so more Kobato for you!

Kobato is getting closer to accomplishing the impossible! )
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Oh, damn, this is turning into a regular thing already...

Scans are available at [ profile] ladydarkmoon's place. Special thanks to [ profile] syaoranmew for helping with a few kanji lookups.

So, how does my most favorite airhead perform on my least favorite holiday? )
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So, I decided to practice my Japanese some more, and do Kobato again, especially after seeing another familiar face in this month's chapter.

Scans are available at [ profile] ladydarkmoon's place as usual, but at least to me Sendspace is being a bitch, so I had to use [ profile] chibiyuuto's cleaned up and resized (T_T) version. Special thanks to [ profile] aerostati for uploading pages 2 and 5 to a better place for me.

What does the future hold for our favorite airhead? The world may never know... )

(*Looks at "current music". Thinks of the "V for Vendetta" movie. Wishes someone would do that to local congress.*)
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So, I was bored by the lack of both Tsubasa and Holic this week, and decided to do this month's Kobato, since the English scanlation isn't out yet. Sigh... I wish I could've done a better job at it, pages 6 and 7 came out as utter crap. I'm not planning on seriously picking up translation of this series until after the end of Tsubasa and Holic but, for now, enjoy Exam 3.

Raw scans at [ profile] ladydarkmoon's and [ profile] chibiyuuto's.

Kobato isn't quite right in the head, is she? )
Oh yeah. Some manufacturers and vendors of certain clothing articles here in Brazil should crash and burn in the blazing flames of hell. Really. They should be boycotted to bankruptcy.


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